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Song of The Week: Bom nong la or pi song sa oun by Nob Bayarith - Hang Meas Production
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M Production CD Vol.12 (Khmer - Mediafire)


Written on 6:15 PM by Khate

M Production CD Vol.12:

  • ០១ Hello Kitty (Angella)
  • ០២ ព្រះចន្ទ័ (Angella)
  • ០៣ Say Goodnight មុនពេលចូលគេង (Bunnarath)
  • ០៤ មិនអាចលើកលែង (Takma)
  • ០៥ ផ្ញើចិត្តនឹក (Virak Yuth)
  • ០៦ ស្នេហ៍ខុសគោលដៅ (Angella)
  • ០៧ ព្រះចន្ទ័ (Bunnarath)
  • ០៨ កុហកខ្លួនឯង (Takma)
  • ០៩ ឈឺពេកទើបយំ (Virak Yuth)
  • ១០ រ៉ាប់រងបេះដូង (Bunnarath)

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