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Song of The Week: Bom nong la or pi song sa oun by Nob Bayarith - Hang Meas Production
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Sunday New Song: នាងជាពិភពលោករបស់ខ្ញុំ - ខេមរៈសេរីមន្ត ft. James


Written on 7:01 AM by Khate

New song of Sunday production

នាងជាពិភពលោករបស់ខ្ញុំ ច្រៀងដោយ ខេមរៈសេរីមន្ត និង James

Download M CD Vol 37


Written on 12:25 AM by Khate

01-យកទឹកភ្នែកបងលាងការឈឺចាប់អូន - ពិសិទ្ធ-តាក់ម៉ា 
02-ពីមុនអូនទឹកភ្នែកពេលនេះបងយំ - ពិសិទ្ធ
03-សម្លាញ់ខ្ចីសង្សារ - ណារឹទ្ធ 
04-ពីព្រោះខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់តែអ្នក - អេនជី
05-ថៃ្ងអន្សា - តាក់ម៉ា 
06-ឈប់ផឹកទៅអូនស្រវឹងហើយ - នីកូ-សូលីកា
 07-អង្វរចិត្តឈប់នឹកអូន - ពិសិទ្ធ
08-ឬមួយខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់គេឬ - អេនីតា
09-បើពេលវេលាអាចបង្រៀនចិត្តមនុស្សបានសូមបង្រៀនចិត្តអូនអាចទទួលពាក្យបែកផង - តាក់ម៉ា 
10-អ្នកណាបានស្គាល់សំលេងទឹកភ្នែកស្រីខ្លះ - ណារឹទ្ធ

New Khmer Media Forum


Written on 10:01 PM by Khate

We have just run a new forum for Khmer Media. The forum covers many fields including news, songs, karaoke, MP3, business, social, sport and more.

Please support us by register as a new member. You can feel free to post your song request in Media & Life board or any other request on General Discussion board.

Thank from Khmer Media Forum.

M Production CD Vol.12 (Khmer - Mediafire)


Written on 6:15 PM by Khate

M Production CD Vol.12:

  • ០១ Hello Kitty (Angella)
  • ០២ ព្រះចន្ទ័ (Angella)
  • ០៣ Say Goodnight មុនពេលចូលគេង (Bunnarath)
  • ០៤ មិនអាចលើកលែង (Takma)
  • ០៥ ផ្ញើចិត្តនឹក (Virak Yuth)
  • ០៦ ស្នេហ៍ខុសគោលដៅ (Angella)
  • ០៧ ព្រះចន្ទ័ (Bunnarath)
  • ០៨ កុហកខ្លួនឯង (Takma)
  • ០៩ ឈឺពេកទើបយំ (Virak Yuth)
  • ១០ រ៉ាប់រងបេះដូង (Bunnarath)

SR: Kmoa Srae by Preap Sovath and Some Sopon Midada 1st Album Songs (MediaFire)


Written on 7:52 AM by Khate

Name: Somng Hout
Subject: Would like to request songs
Message: I would like to request songs in Mediafire links, plz
Here the songs: Kmoa Srae by Preap Sovath and some Sopon midada 1st album songs. Thx
 Your requested songs can be downloaded by the links below. All of the songs are uploaded at MediaFire for better download speed.

CD Hang Meas Vol.403 (Mediafire)


Written on 6:03 AM by Khate

I don't know the title of the songs since the whole Hang Meas CD Vol. 403 also was sent to me via mail with no title but only the rank from Track 01 to 10. Anyway I prefer to use Mediafire as the main uploading source since it is the best one I ever use.

List of Khmer MP3 by Productions


Written on 5:21 AM by Khate

The purpose of this collection is not for business or to make money. I just want to promote Khmer songs to the world and give another place to every Cambodian around the world to expose to Khmer songs. All download links are free. I would like to recommend you to purchase original CD from each production if there are company's shop in your local arean

I also would like to say sorry that I can't manage to bring you all volume of productions due to financial problem as well as time to upload. Please feel free to download Khmer MP3:

Hang Meas Production:

Sunday Production:
M Production:
Spark Production:
Classic Production:
Rock Entertainment Production:
U2 Production:
BM Production:
RSK Production:
There are many other requested songs out there but I find it hard to classify those songs; therefore, you may use search engine to find your favorite songs.

We have brought a new place for everyone Cambodians who wish to find their fresh Khmer songs and that new place is You will be able to find more Khmer MP3 there or make your request on Khmer Media Forum.

Good Luck!

      Sunday CD Vol. 100 (Mediafire)


      Written on 4:49 AM by Khate

      The following songs are songs from Sunday Production CD Vol. 100. You can find plenty of cool songs especially the first few songs. You can feel free to download.

      1. ប្រជុំបទថ្មីៗៗៗៗៗៗ 
      2. ឈឺៗៗ – ខេមរះ សិរីមន្ត 
      3. ទឹកអប់មានពិស – អ៊ីវ៉ា 
      4. គ្មានជីវ៉ាអូនក្ស័យ – ខេមរះ ស្រីពៅ
      5. មានសង្សារក្បត់ចិត្តប្រពន្ធ – ខេមរះ សិរីមន្ត 
      6. អ្នកស្រែក៏មានដុល្លារ – ខេមរះ សិរីមន្ត 
      7. កុំប្រាថ្នា – ផាន់ ម៉ូនីកា 
      8. អូនឈប់ស្នេហ៍បងហើយ – - ខេមរះ ស្រីពៅ 
      9. បងជាទេវបុត្រស្នេហ៍ – ខេមរះ ស្រីពៅ 
      10. យ៉ាងម្តេចក៏ដោយឲ្យតែអាចជួបបងម្តងតទៀត – អ៊ីវ៉ា 
      11. ទ្រាំមិនបានពេលនឹក – ខេមរះ សិរីមន្ត

      M Production CD Vol.16 (Mediafire)


      Written on 4:23 AM by Khate

      01. ឈប់ស្នែហ៍តែមិនឈប់នឹក (គូម៉ា-ធីណា)
      02. ហេតុអ្វីស្រឡាញ់មនុស្សមិនគួរស្រឡាញ់ (គូម៉ា)
      03. មានអារម្មណ៍ថាបងមិនដូចពីមុន (Takma)
      04. ឱបបងនឹកគេ (Nico)
      05. មិនដឹងថាអាចទំា្រដល់ពេលណា (ធីណា)
      06. មានបងឈឺចាប់ បាត់បងទឹកភ្នែក (គូម៉ា-ធីណា)
      07. ចាំមើលថៃ្ងលិចមុនពេលបែកគ្នា (គូម៉ា)
      08. ខូចចិត្តមិនហ៊ានយំ (Takma)
      09. ឱ្យយមនុស្សមា្នក់ដឹងថាស្រឡាញ់ធ្វើមិនបាន (ធីណា)
      10. ស្នែហ៍អ្នកក្រ (គូម៉ា)

      Song Request: Preap Sovath and Ouk Sokun Kanha


      Written on 5:51 PM by Khate

      Name: Sor Rotha
      Subject: Song Request
      Message: Preap Sovath
      - It wont be long (na na na)
      - Want Cha and one more song,
      It wont be long(na na na) by female artist (i forgot her name).

      and if i were a boy ,also by female artist (khmer version).

      thank you.

      All of your 4 requested songs are now available for download.

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